About Us

In year 2021, a group of healthcare professionals team up with YBBM, a non-profit organisation in Malaysia, to launch a nation-wide campaign  to mobilize everyone in the community to form a mutually supportive network, and thus effectively promote more collaborative efforts between the public and healthcare professionals for better health and living.

Our Slogan

     ”For Better Health & Living“

Our Vision

      Everyone receives health education.

Our Mission

     -  To provide accessible healthcare education to all

     -  To promote living well and departing well through advocacy and mobilization of

         every stakeholders involved in health care community

Malaysia Network of Caring Community (MNCC) is a project of YBBM,  a non-profit organisation registered under Company Limited by Guaranteed (197901008293)

Web site: ybbm.com.my

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Disclaimer :

All MNCC related health awareness information, including talk/ lectures, videos, and e-books, is to promote health awareness. The advice given here does not replace the information given by your family doctor. If you have any questions about your own health, please consult your family doctor.